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Pixel format decoding has been pushed to user space, since Video4Linux version 2 does not support kernel space decoding.

Ex web cam-8

fswebcam is a tiny and flexible webcam app which can be called from the command line.

Install it from the official repositories as the package .

In addition to being a convenient way to configure your webcam, guvcview also allows capturing (with sound! Application to take pictures and videos out of your webcam for KDE.

Most probably your webcam will work out of the box.

In that case you may skip to section #Webcam configuration if you want to configure color, brightness and other parameters. Identify the name of your webcam (using, for example, so it will be loaded into the kernel during init stage bootstrapping.

If your webcam is USB, the kernel should automatically load the proper driver.

If this is the case, check dmesg after you plug your webcam in.

You should see something like this: sn9c102: V4L2 driver for SN9C10x PC Camera Controllers v1:1.24a usb 1-1: SN9C10[12] PC Camera Controller detected (vid/pid 0x0C45/0x600D) usb 1-1: PAS106B image sensor detected usb 1-1: Initialization succeeded usb 1-1: V4L2 device registered as /dev/video0 usb 1-1: Optional device control through 'sysfs' interface ready usbcore: registered new driver sn9c102 ) are handled by udev, there is no configuration necessary.

If you want to configure brightness, color and other webcam parameters (e.g.

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