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Sao Paolo Happily married As a matter of fact, it is VERY easy to meet people here regardless of your personal status.

Brazilians seem totally oblivious to your background.

If they like your smile/tie/car/attitude they will come to you.

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Brazilians truly love children but still it is a fairly dangerous place for "white" little ones.

Ours is always escorted by one sometimes two ex-cops we specially hired for the duty. We do meet expats on occasion, but generally we try to be with locals as much as possible.

My wife is Brazilian, this of course helps a lot blending in the culture. Learn portuguese and stop living like in your birthplace. Remember at all times that you are a guest here, not a conqueror Brazil Newsletter Brazil Tips Brazil Expat Blogs Brazil Travel Warnings Rio de Janeiro Sao Paulo Auto Shipping & Auto Business Services Currency Exchange Education Expat Banking Expat Counseling Expat Health Insurance Expat Finance Expat Tax International Jobs Language & Cross-Cultural Legal Services for Expats Mail Forwarding & Mail Pet Shipping Real Estate Agencies Shipping & Relocation Travel Insurance Visa & Immigration Afghanistan Forum Algeria Forum Angola Forum Argentina Forum Australia Forum Austria Forum Azerbaijan Forum Bahamas Forum Bangladesh Forum Belgium Forum Belize Forum Bermuda Forum Brazil Forum Bulgaria Forum Canada Forum Chile Forum China Forum Colombia Forum Costa Rica Forum Cyprus Forum Czech Rep Forum Denmark Forum Dominican Rep Forum Ecuador Forum Egypt Forum El Salvador Forum Estonia Forum Fiji Forum Finland Forum France Forum Germany Forum Greece Forum Guatemala Forum Haiti Forum Honduras Forum Hong Kong Forum Hungary Forum India Forum Indonesia Forum Ireland Forum Israel Forum Italy Forum Ivory Coast Forum Jamaica Forum Japan Forum Jordan Forum Kazakhstan Forum Kenya Forum Korea Forum Kuwait Forum Kyrgyzstan Forum Laos Forum Lebanon Forum Lithuania Forum Luxembourg Forum Malaysia Forum Mexico Forum Moldova Forum Morocco Forum Nepal Forum Netherlands Forum New Zealand Forum Nicaragua Forum Norway Forum Oman Forum Pakistan Forum Panama Forum Peru Forum Philippines Forum Poland Forum Portugal Forum Qatar Forum Romania Forum Russia Forum Saudi Arabia Forum Scotland Forum Singapore Forum South Africa Forum Spain Forum Sri Lanka Forum Sweden Forum Switzerland Forum Taiwan Forum Tanzania Forum Thailand Forum Trinidad & Tob.

Expats might be surprised to learn that the cost of living in Brazil is relatively high.

The dream of lying on a beach sipping water from a coconut without a care in the world is quickly replaced by the reality of high prices.

On Mercer's 2015 Cost of Living Index, Sao Paulo is ranked at a high 40th, Rio de Janeiro is at 67th and Brasilia is ranked at 150th out of 207 cities worldwide.

Expats will find it less expensive to live in rural areas than in the cities, but some costs will still be high and access to goods and services will be limited. In general, accommodation, transportation and manufactured goods are expensive; food costs are variable based on whether one eats out or cooks at home, and services are relatively inexpensive because labour costs are low.

Brazil has made significant strides in moving people out of extreme poverty over the past decade and in decreasing income inequality.

However, there are still vast disparities in wealth between the richest and the poorest.

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