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The easy (and lazy) way to wire a ceiling fan is to use a single switch for both the fan and the lights.The switch then controls both fan and lights and if independent control is desired, it is achieved through pull chains.

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When controlled by a single switch, either of these solutions is impractical.

Ceiling fans with lights typically have four wires: black (fan hot), blue (light hot), white (neutral), and green (ground).

When connecting both the fan and the light to a single switch, the black AND blue wires from the fan are connected to the black wire from the switch using a twist-on wire connector.

The white neutral wire is then connected to the white wire on the switch.

When connecting the fan and the light to separate switches, connect the black “fan” wire to the black wire on one switch and the blue “light” wire to the black wire on the other switch.

Because most electrical ceiling cable has 3 conductors, the blue “light” wire can be electrically connected to the switch through the red conductor in the ceiling cable.

The last step is to connect the white neutral wire on the fan to the white wired in the ceiling cable and then to the white wires on each switch. Using two separate switches provides you the ability for home automation control of the fan and light.

Fan ceiling lights often use multiple bulbs making them very bright when at full power.

Configuring the light to work off its own switch allows you to use a home automation dimmer switch so you can vary the light intensity.

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