Fellatio dating

For many, having a women perform fellatio on them is their favorite thing. Even when I asked gay men (I figured they'd be able to better tell me) they also said, "enthusiasm." Imagine how it would be to have someone down there knowing they weren't genuinely passionate about the deed.

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There’s nothing else going on, but what she’s doing to him.

Plus, she knows how much men like it, so that adds pressure of fearing that she’s not doing it "right." So, for them, it’s easier to avoid it all together.

Some women may be offended by the way a man smells or tastes. I’m told if a man eats a lot of beef this can affect his taste in a negative way.

Possibly he needs to make sure he's more thorough when bathing. If a man has a partner who wants to pleasure him but doesn’t like the way his semen tastes, try different dietary changes, and perhaps you can solve the problem.

When a man receives fellatio he’s generally extremely grateful.

If a woman swallows his semen, he looks at it as a huge honor.Don’t ask me why because no man could really explain it.If you can learn to truly enjoy the whole process, you’ll have an unbelievably happy man on your hands. For women who enjoy giving their partner this ultimate pleasure, here are some pointers. The best way that his penis fits into your mouth is if you sit between his legs and lean over him. Most men find watching adds a lot of pleasure to what you’re doing.It’s not about whether you’re doing it right, he just likes the visual stimulation.No matter what you’re doing, except grimacing, he’s going to love watching you.If you can show that you’re really enjoying pleasuring him, he’ll be even more excited.

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