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It is attached as a PDF and may be viewed using the following link: Rory Lachica is a dangerous driver who drove recklessly while on a suspended license with four convictions.She may be driving on a revoked license now, as I brought her current reckless (DUI) driving to the attention of the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) after she almost ran over my caregiver in the Mission Gardens parking lot on April 6, 2013.Please reference those convictions and her traffic violations below.

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Please refer to the court records and supporting information linked to below.

Note that Rory Lachica has been convicted for theft at least twice as indicated for her conviction on California Penal Code 666, which can be viewed using the links below: Lachica's son Dax Lachica resided with her in their City of Santa Cruz administered HOME unit while he was a three time violent teenage felon and then after he was arrested and convicted for illegally possessing a Glock semi–automatic handgun (for an entire year) like the one used to murder his friend Carl Reimer. He committed two armed robberies and an assault with a deadly weapon as a teenager while living at Mission Gardens under the tutelage of his mother Rory Lachica.

Please inspect his probation report, a Watsonville Police Department record and his court document, linked to below: Dax Lachica's father Michael E.

message from John Colby to Santa Cruz Mayor Hilary Bryant and Santa Cruz City Council: Dear Mayor Bryant and Santa Cruz City Council: As you know, the City of Santa Cruz granted the owners of the Mission Gardens Apartments — a Section 8 and California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC) funded housing project managed by The John Stewart Company (JSCO) at 90 Grandview Street in Santa Cruz, California — almost 1.25 million dollars in HUD HOME block grant funds for the acquisition and rehabilitation of the property in 2009.

Moreover the City of Santa Cruz loaned the same owners about 400,000 dollars for the same.

Information about this is included in Mission Gardens HOME grant application to the City of Santa Cruz, linked to below: As a law abiding resident of Mission Gardens who has been terrorized by resident criminals I am exercising my First Amendment rights to petition your body, asking that Rory Lachica, whose family has been committing (violent) crimes at Mission Gardens for the last 20 years, be immediately evicted under your powers as a grantor and administrator of the Mission Gardens housing project.

Please note that Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) Sergeant Connor asked me on July 30, 2013 to stop reporting crimes by Rory Lachica and her fellow Mission Gardens criminals to the SCPD, implying that I was bringing their wrath down upon me, that I shouldn't be trying to protect Mission Gardens from the terrorizing reign of a small gang of criminals here.

He implied that being a whistleblower about crime is bad.

He implied that the SCPD sanctions Rory Lachica and her cohorts making prisoners of me and other Mission Gardens residents.

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