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Each of these original comedic female monologues may be used by students, actors, directors for educational and theatrical purposes. But once Kay finally falls for Dante, he freaks out and tries to run away. More » CONTEXT: In this comedic female monologue, college-bound Vicky is an assistant-manager at a movie theater. Although she is amused by their attraction, she has yet to fall in love. More » CONTEXT: Set in New York City during the Great Depression, this reinvention of the classic fairy-tale presents an interesting twist on the fairy godmother character -- A wise, old homeless woman.

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In this monologue, Beatrix explains to her fellow student why Prom means so much to her. There are only a few things in life that are guaranteed to be glorious and memorable and sparkling with gowns and... More » CONTEXT: Juniper is a shy, young woman with learning disabilities. Therefore, she has decided to break up with him, right in the middle of their roller-coaster ride! More » CONTEXT: This funny monologue for actresses comes from a one-act play called, "Irony." It is a comic mash-up of various characters and situations of Greek Mythology. In this funny monologue for actresses (and actors who don't mind playing a female role), Veronica Melville is trapped in the tomb of an ancient pharaoh. I would thinkthat clucking batch of hens was playingsome kind of trick on me, just making stuffup. Child, you got a lookon your face like you spent the whole day cryingtears the size of huckleberries.

She lives in a small town with her grandmother, sheltered away from most of the world. Although the character sits most of the time, the actress should feel free to add a lot of movement and facial expressions to simulate the ride. She’s talking to her boyfriend.)You and your obsession with roller coasters. According to ancient legends, Cassandra could predict the future, yet no one ever believed her. To pass the time, she explains to the sailor she just met, Rodney Gunther, what she looks for in a "perfect man."VERONICA: What do I look for in a man? A man who is kind, and who is honest, unless of course his honesty would be unkind. More » CONTEXT: In this comical Western retelling of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing," Betty realizes that despite her stubbornness she’s attracted to her one-time rival, Ben the cowboy.

In this scene, she is talking to her cousin, Megan, about her first and only kiss. In this scene, Cassandra is at a party in the city of Troy.

More » CONTEXT: In this comedic female monologue, Beatrix confronts Dante, an arrogant drama-geek who has been chasing after the girl of his dreams since kindergarten, the lovely cheerleader, Kay Nordstrom.

While everyone around her celebrates the marriage of Paris and Helen, Cassandra complains about all of the ominous signs around her by pointing out the ironic behavior of the party guests around her.

It's a blustery autumn day and in an otherwise tranquil Middlesex suburb three giggling women dressed in full Musketeer regalia – complete with swords, towering wigs, facial hair and ostrich feathers in their caps – are piling into a silver people carrier.

The Perrier-nominated stand-up Sarah Kendall has added a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers to her ensemble and is fiddling with her stick-on beard.

On the way to the shoot in a park, where they'll attract more than a few bemused glances from the dog walkers and pensioners, Clare Thomson and Barunka O'Shaughnessy are taking photographs of themselves and roaring with laughter at the results.

Later this afternoon, Alice Lowe, the fourth member of the gang, will don a blond wig to play Marilyn Monroe attending a staff training session at Mc Donald's, while Kendall will transform herself into the boyish Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher for a fake You Tube video.

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