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Venezuela was refreshingly different and I felt that, despite the huge amounts of conflicting information thrown at me, I came away from the country with a of what is actually going on.

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Find love dating site in venezuela

Even more expensive was powdered milk, which is one of the main illegal imports from Colombia and could cost up to $6 for a 2 kilo bag if bought on the black market.

A one hour internal flight on the other hand comes in at around the $5 – $8 mark. ” – OK, I don’t want to ruffle any feathers here, there were plenty of Venezuelan girls who were giggly, pretty, funny and approachable.

Sure, the planes may have been terrifyingly juddery (tiny planes with propellors) but heck, they sure are cheap! However, on the other hand, for every potential Miss World (which has been won by Venezuelans more times than any other nation) there was half a dozen women who would be better off aiming for the Miss Obesity pagent…

which nobody bothered to tell me about this stunning country… I was told that the fuel was cheap; sure I got that, message received.

Nobody told me it was cheaper to fill up a car than to buy a bottle of water.

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and cheap, nearly-free, fuel is pretty much seen as a Venezuelan birth-right.I was absolutely amazed when I first pulled up to a gas-station and my buddy filled up the car with the ‘higher quality’ fuel – it cost under 2 bolivars, a little less than 1 cent at the black market rate of 230 bolivars to the dollar.I was extremely surprised to find out that most of the Venezuelans I had the pleasure of bumping into were more than up for discussing the political situation in the country.I spoke to die-hard Chavistas, left-wing protestors and everybody in between; the one thing they all had in common was that they were extremely grateful to have somebody listen to their side of the story.On numerous occasions, Venezuelans themselves would actually initiate the conversation which was not what I had expected.In the past, when visiting ‘dangerous’ countries, I have found locals to be very quiet when it comes to discussing their government due to an inherent fear of reprisals.

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