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It’s a great alternative for solo travellers not to feel lonely or for those who are looking for new friendship and the story of Fleur Britten’s adventure staying on the couches of strangers abroad.

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I often ask my hosts to show me areas seldom visited by tourists, tell me some stories about their city and make me feel home. Same applies to couchsurfing One can argue that some users are getting verified, you can see their photos and references left by some other couchsurfers, but you can’t be 100% sure who you are being hosted by.

This winter I was travelling solo so it was a good excuse not to feel homesick when backpacking Europe. It’s so easy for someone to create an image online as a kind-hearted person. It’s getting more and more popular that girls pick up boys as their hosts and vice versa. For some it’s just someone who seems nice, but for others there are more chances to have “no strings attached” free sex.

I have heard of it before but never thought it might have been a true statement. What’s even worse, it sounds so obvious to some people.

I have been planning to write this post for weeks but my hectic schedule at the kindergarten has not let me.

This weekend I decided to be strict with myself and find some time to finally sit and write what I have been trying to say about my couchsurfing experience in Europe in November/ December 2012.

Before I start, let me explain what couchsurfing is for those who have never heard of it before.

​​Couchsurfing has been created by Casey Fenton – an American who set up a web portal that offers its users hospitality exchange (free couch to sleep on, showing around the place, etc.) and social networking services (helping each other with travel issues).

The idea is very simple and the portal is getting bigger and bigger each day with more than one million registered users from more than 70.000 cities. You just need to fill in some personal information, add some photos and get references to look more reliable.

You can also get verified to show other members you are who you are saying you are.

Couchsurfing is a great way of exploring places on a budget without spending a lot of money on accommodation.

Moreover, you can meet amazing people who can look after you and show you around the city.

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