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Get ready now little slut – You need to be trained sissy – Degraded, dominated and used in a bdsm session you are nothing but a cum eating whore in frillies From orgasm control to cock and ball torture, to public displays and exposure, you will find our online Dommes enjoy every area of live online abuse and domination.

Dominating these dirty little whores and ensuring they follow orders at all times is all part of that training programme, Little fagots like the ones featured on this website as well as the ones from all over the world, truly know they are cock hungry, cum eating sluts and will do anything for more cum and in particular they know they may have to become the cuckold for humiliation,, the fluffer the one who primes the Alpha Males cock, cleans the females pussy and gets the Real Bull man hard and ready to enter the wet hole.

Some of our girls just love the feel of satin or silky panties they wear and the frilly little socks, being put in restraints and having no control what so ever and having someone taking complete control, this is what most girlies are looking for.

They can and do threaten me with: Your little sissycock belongs to your owners,we will do with it as we please.

Sliding a butt plug up your sissy ass and making sure you are drenched in cum at all times, is exactly what girls like you need.

For those who require the hottest porn on the web, is here to satisfy all of your carnal cravings.

Degrading sissie bitches is what us Mistresses are good at, we do it well and we enjoy every aspect of watching little whores suffer.

From parading you in public to be humiliated to dressing you up in the bedroom and abusing you with loads of sex toys.

We enjoy training our little sluts and preparing them to be good little cock sucking bitches, after all they need to show just how naughty they can really be and pushing boundries and abusing sissy bitches online is something i as a Mistress thrive on every day.

This sissyblog is all about the abuse of sissies and using them for our own entertainment, pictures and videos of sissy girls who have been abused, degraded and laughed at by not just female Mistresses but also Alpha Male Masters.

You will learn through out this blog the different roles you will be trained in,in the Academy.

From cum eating, cum on demand to wank instructions, to hormone tablets, forced public feminzation and bi sexual sexual play.

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