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In the early 20th century the beach was painted by artists such as Herbert Reginald Gallop, as well as being a popular site for picnics.Obelisk Beach is about 100 metres (330 ft) in length and is off the beaten path looking out into Sydney Harbour.

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The beach is frequented by quiet, respectful, and friendly people who enjoy an open and accepting setting.

The beach is attended predominantly by homosexual men, and is considered a 'gay-friendly' beach by some.

If driving, the beach has ample parking in a public car park located at the intersection of Middle Head Road, and Chowder Bay Road.

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Prior to European settlement in 1788, the area the beach is in was inhabited by indigenous Australians speaking the Guringai language.

Aboriginal sites are found in the bushland all around Georges head.

The arrival of smallpox with European colonists meant that by 1795, the population on the northern side of Sydney Harbour had declined by as much as 90%.) of land on George’s Head.

He was also known by the titles "King of Port Jackson" and "King of the Blacks".

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