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otherwise, I have strong opinions as well on people spewing unsubstantiated claims willy nilly and driving away users.

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Second you've chosen not to respond to what yoda has said.

His complain was about making a site wide policy and discussing it in meta.

He never had any beef with people in rooms who don't appreciate the bot interacting in some way telling it not to. Good night and happy coding :) Call me naive, but... The rules for humans are pretty straightforward - in particular, the rules of etiquette boil down to, "don't annoy other people".

There is a controversy about a certain chat bot in some chat rooms.

The one major disagreement is about the bot greeting new users in chat.

Some users argue that this is helpful to explain the chat room rules to new users and make sure they actually notice them, while others argue that bots shouldn't annoy users at all.I have a rather strong opinion on the subject, and I think a definite rule on bot interactions would be helpful.Should a chat bot be able to initiate an interaction with a user, or should I have upvoted this question because I feel that it poses the subject in an impartial manner that allows for answers to provide their own viewpoints. I encourage others also in this camp to upvote, because the question is good, there is really nothing at all wrong with it.If you think something is left out, please edit or suggest an edit.Let's hash this out right [email protected] I'd edit out the opinion from the question and post it as an answer.That way it's clear that votes are not indicating agreement with the stance but with the fact the question should be [email protected] Show me the unhappy users (meta posts, more than a handful comments, etc.)...

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