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Back in the old times, Malaysia was one of British colonies.

This accounts most curriculums taught in English language at most universities apart from a wide range of international student programmes.

Pre-university courses are mainly arranged for applicants who are not good at English.

Malaysian universities offer Bachelor, Master and Doctor-level programmes for all applicants.

Associate and bachelor degree programmes fall into the lowest programmes.

The junior specialist (Associate) is entitled to get employment in the area of specialization or apply for higher Bachelor degree.

Students with associate diplomas may apply for Bachelor programme as the second year students.

The associate programme takes mainly 2.4 years of study.Bachelor programme lasts 4 years with the pre-university course attended by the applicant for a year or a year and a half (Foundation, A-Level or AUSMAT).Upon completion of the course the applicant continues the study for a Bachelor.Master-level programmes take a year or two years providing Associate or Bachelor degree is available.Those who apply for the Doctorate should have a Master’s degree.Malaysian universities offer twinning programmes with the credentials of the western universities while studying in Malaysia.

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