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If you only own a hand saw, then the cutting of sheets of wood could be hard physical work, a circular saw would be the best tool for cutting your loft panels, a circular saws can be quite expensive, top end ones will cost over a £100, though you could buy a budget one from about £30.You’ll need a drill for pilot holes when securing your loft boards, though in theory it is not essential, but will make it ten times easier, as would an electric screwdriver.

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If you are laying purely for storage then you may not need to board your whole loft, so it may just be a case of measuring the length and width of area you will be boarding.

In fact not covering the whole loft area will make the process much easier as you will not need to reach into awkward spaces, especially close to the eaves.

Most likely your loft will have pipes and electrical wiring running along the joists – DO NOT CUT INTO THE JOISTS TO SINK / BURY THESE WIRES OR PIPES; this will likely weaken the joists too much and cause possible major damage. If you are planning to use the loft for anything other than light storage then you will have to consider adding extra strength, in other words adding extra ceiling joists.

Loft Boards (or Loft Panels) allow you to convert your loft space into a useful storage space with limited fuss and without extensive DIY knowledge or any sort of planning permission.

Creating a basic loft storage solution is quite quick and easy.

Loft boards can be purchased very cheaply from DIY stores, like B and Q, Wickes or Homebase as either small panels or large (8’x2’) chipboard sheets.

Smaller loft panels are obviously more convenient to work with as they are smaller, easier to manage, easier to get up to a loft and get home from the store.

Though with most things in life larger sheets usually work out cheaper.

Many of the DIY stores offer free cutting (normally 4 cuts) of sheet materials, so you could get larger sheets sliced up, saving money and allowing you to fit your loft boards into the back of a standard car.

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