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I really love Lee Sang-yoon and Choi Ji-woo’s brand of petty bickering in this.

It’s an entire drama about adults who don’t know how to act like adults, but because all of the characters are like this, it evens the playing field.

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EPISODE 2 RECAP It’s a rough first day at school for college freshman Nora, who gets called ajumoni and told to leave the class by her theater professor.

That professor also happens to be her high school classmate Hyun-seok, who seems to be enjoying this a little too much.

Nora finally ekes out an answer that she’s a student here, so then he tells her to get up and introduce herself to the class.

With that, Hyun-seok moves on to describing his course, which he basically says is difficult but worth it because they get to hang out with a famous director like him. please be dorky…) By then, Nora is best friends with Ballet Bitch Yoon-young, and they practice together outside the school.

The students all clap, thoroughly impressed, while Nora flashes back to high school. An awkward boy with glasses comes out from behind a tree and scares the girls.

It’s Hyun-seok, and he quickly tries to explain that he’s not a weirdo.Yoon-young says that everyone knows he’s whack job, and scoffs when he compliments their dance.She says they’re practicing two separate routines (she’s ballet and Nora is modern), but Hyun-seok says it looked like one dance to him, and shares the song he was listening to on his Walkman.It’s Kim Gun-mo’s “Bad Meeting,” which we saw the whole troupe dancing to in a previous flashback.He trips in fear when Yoon-young raises a fist at him and turns around to go, all slumped shoulders and bruised ego. Back in the present, Hyun-seok tells the class that any story needs a twist to make it interesting, and announces that there will be four group projects this term.Nora can barely hide her laugh, but she calls out to him (reading his nametag) and asks to hear that song again. One student raises his hand to complain, and Hyun-seok shocks him by replying with his name, NA SOON-NAM.

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