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Talking to Girls Knowing What to Say Getting to Know Girls Better Community Q&A Talking to girls is one thing, but getting to know them?

You can learn to have better conversations and be more comfortable in the conversations you have, to deepen your bond with girls that you talk to, getting to know them much better.

Warning: May not be safe for work…unless you are like me and work at Planned Parenthood.

I once spent an evening at a hole-in-the-wall strip club with a 20-something friend fiercely debating her anti-pornography/anti-prostitution position.

We spent half an hour of that night talking with a dancer, a young single mom and the only woman-of-color on the floor.

She said it was better than working at a grocery store; she made more money and didn’t have to pay for day care. It was niave and classist for us to engage her in this conversation, but I was in college and didn’t know how stupid I was being.

This also happened to be the night I bought my first vibrator, with that same friend, at a sleazy adult store in Syracuse, NY.

Long story short is that I became passionate about the rights of sex workers and people that work in the sex/adult industry and began a more intelligent and articulate study of In the 60’s and 70’s, Andrea Dworkin led a brilliant fight to expose and illuminate rape culture and end violence against women.

Her analysis of the gender binary, pornography, and theories of penetrative sex as a patriarchal act is at the titillating center of a lively and necessary conversation in the feminist community.

I also believe the work of Dworkin and her peers has contributed to the division of lesbian and heterosexual feminists, persecution and demoralization of sex work and sex workers, exclusion of transfolk from feminist spaces, and a whole lot of personal feminist guilt.

But I gotta’ give kudos to Dworkin for putting rape culture on the map and, there are many feminist leaders I admire who also happen to be card-carrying members of the anti-prostitution camp including Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan.

All that said, a reproductive justice framework, in my mind, calls for the full rights of sex workers and a liberation of sexuality that goes beyond mainstream pornography and sex work.

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