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Through the unbearable journey that the Lord took me through, the original Gift Giver knew what we needed in order to draw closer to Him, as well as to one another. Christ allowed my husband and I to endure incredible financial hardship over a span of 5 yrs.

It was the Gift Giver who came up with the concept of marriage.

The Great I Am, the Creator of the Universe said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” (Gen.

) Marriage was created by God and it exists not just for the sole purpose of bringing forth Godly offspring, but for us as God’s dear children to bring Christ glory in Now I’d be lying to you if I told you what the Lord has taken us through has been easy, but again, dying to yourself is never easy.

By Jolene Engle, Contributing Writer On December 19, 1997, on a sandy beach in Southern California, my Beloved etched words in the sand asking me to be his wife. I knew at that moment that God handed We had a three month courtship and three month engagement which made our beginnings sound like a romantic fairy tale coming straight from Hollywood. Just one month after our vows I entered into the world of ill-health at age 28.

Surgery was in order because I had pre-cancerous cells of my cervix.

The doctor told us we may never conceive as a result of this condition. On our one year anniversary I found out I was pregnant. The brokenness that I’m so familiar with; sometimes it climbs in bed with me because often times that’s where my tears fall the most. After all those years of being a chronically ill wife, my husband became chronically patient.Being that I’m adopted, those were words I never wanted to hear. I was thrilled that God would allow me to have this gift; the gift of being a mother and to raise up a Godly generation. A road that many times I don’t feel like I can travel. The Lord was shaping him into the servant-leader that Christ desires a husband to be.Yet, as the boy inside of me was starting to grow so were a host of debilitating and chronic issues that would soon unleash in my body. On the other hand, the Lord was fashioning my natural, take-charge, self-sufficient personality into a woman who now naturally follows and relies on her husband.That young, vibrant, energetic, go-getter bride that my Beloved married was now becoming a distant memory…… In the breaking of my physical body, Christ was chipping away my will.The Potter was fashioning His clay giving me what I needed in order to have the glorious marriage that I desired.The one flesh in our marriage grew stronger as a result of our trials.

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