How to stat sex chat with stranger - Gods dating rules

Most Christians realize that God does not approve of the way most people "date" in today's society.Here are some guidelines to help you make sure your dating relationships are pleasing to God and follow His rules. Discuss your convictions, standards, boundaries and goals with the one you are intending to date.Find out where they stand on issues, and let your positions be crystal clear.

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Gods dating rules

Secondly, follow God's guidance through faith and prayer.

If everything else seems right, but you can not find God's peace about a relationship, break it off.

It is better to suffer the heartache of a breakup earlier than later.

Next, make sure you are reading in God's word every day.

His words will order your footsteps and light your path.

Finally, make a commitment to maintain a standard of purity.

Whether you are a young inexperienced person or a seasoned widower, God has expectations of your relationship regardless of your past.

Although this may be difficult for most couples, many blessings come to those who follow God's instructions.

Just remember that it is important to get the relationship started right. If you get started right, and stay on that right path, the chances are greater that you will marry and have a life of joy and blessing.

Please allow yourself the joy of God's blessings by dating the way God intended.

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