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He’s made it clear once and for all: the golfer can in fact get the girl. Since the golfer’s stigma isn’t entirely dorky anymore, why not start using the mysterious allure of golf on the opposite sex?

Of course, a nine-figure net worth, global superstardom and a buddy whose babysitter just happens to be an international super model helps. Now, I just have to get my neighbor to fire little Betsy who babysits his kids every Friday to pay for her new cell phone, and coax him to seek out new help through the pages of the Spring Vikki Secrets catalog. As much as the enjoyable stench of beer, smoke and sweat makes a bar or club the ideal place to take your special lady, why not be a gentleman and show her the true gentleman’s game?

It’s not just Tiger who’s made it acceptable for women to consider polo-clad warriors. It’ll be refreshing in more ways than one for the girl who’s been taken on the same date of dinner and dancing more repeatedly than Anna Kournikova flip-flops between hockey players.

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You and your partner will garner an infinite amount of knowledge of each other in just one date, giving the relationship some welcomed acceleration. Would you take her to a five-star restaurant the first night? Instead, more like the Outback Steakhouse of courses. So during the round, watch the signals you broadcast to your partner.

The problem of course, is that in a four hour-round of golf, your date will discover an awful lot about you. You know, not trying to impress anyone but getting the job done at a reasonable price. These actions may seem miniscule, but they could mean a world of difference.

If your etiquette and composure is awful indeed, you’re in trouble, and any momentum between the two of you may slow to a wounded hobble. If your date is a novice with the sticks, taking her out for an afternoon on the links will be a long, boring, frustrating experience for both of you. That’s why there’s 257 Putt-Putt locations worldwide. For example, you go ahead and stroke your putt even though she’s away.

You may be inclined to take her to the finest course in the area. You think: “I was ready to go, she was still lining up her putt.” But she thinks, “If he’s impatient on the green, he probably wants to rush into everything .” And what about all the times you put your brand new Titleist back in the bag for a “water” ball on holes with hazards?

You’re thinking, “Hey, a sleeve of balls these days ain’t peanuts. Bad move, that’s interpreted as being cheap by the lady: “What? Will I have to wait for a movie to come to the $1 theatre before he takes me, too?

” But it’s not like every action you make will be a mark against you. You’ll only look like a steroid-induced meathead and probably end up topping your nervous 3-wood.

There’s some subtleties that will make you appear charming and chivalric if you execute them correctly. That doesn’t mean you have to go for the 630-yard ninth in two. Show her your reserved, stoic approach and put an iron to 100 yards.

Staring at 270 to the green with water right and O. Then dazzle her with your soaring wedge that backs up to six feet. Always wash your ball between holes, even if it doesn’t have a spec of mud on it. Is your afternoon stroll being slowed on the back nine by a foursome of duffers? After all, a girl likes a guy who can finish the job. Try one of these or some of the countless other Singles Golf Associations.

Sit back and relax rather than firing your customary warning shots. Test her sense of humor by poking fun at the ninja turtles ahead (get it? ): “man, I haven’t seen a foursome this bad since 98 Degrees,” or “It’s OK, I think I recognize them. The American Singles Golf Association: Singles golf is all about fun, fellowship and fairways according to the ASGA.

Ya, that’s the wait-staff from Mitch’s Café." Finally, never forget the golf date’s golden rule: Always finish out. 50 clubs have been established nationwide and the ASGA is always looking to establish new chapters.

Their membership is within one percent of a 50/50 ratio.

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