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in your chat lobby where you usually hang out to spend time and meet interesting singles and are dying to ask her out, what do you do? But remember, do it with style and do not come across as a desperate guy who's been swept off his feet by her beauty and charm.

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You are not flirting with her but being casual and chilled out. If she is, she will react quite positively and you approaching her in a manner that demands a response will make her give you one.

Women like that and are bound to respond in a friendly way. This will help you know a little bit about her and drive the conversation in the direction where her interest lies. When you have established a comfort level with her, you can go ahead and ask her if she is single (and let's hope that she is!!! Saying something like "Knowing that you are so talented, I need to know…are you single? Now that the stage is set, you can be a little blunt.

While online dating, it is important that you pay attention to what the person you are talking to says. Saying something like, "oh, so you are studying" or "Oh, so you work at the bank! However, be easy-going and DO NOT sound desperate to take her out on a date.

Try to be intriguing here on and let her ask you questions.

This will help you understand whether she is already attracted to you or not.

Whatever the case may be, try to avoid awkward silence.

There really are a million ways to keep a woman hooked on an online dating website.

From what she loves doing to talking about the place she lives in, what she finds attractive in a man to where would she like to go on her honeymoon…women love sweet talk as much as they love sweet, kind and considerate men. Before you know it, you will be dating this gorgeous woman!

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