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Heather Joan Graham was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Joan (Bransfield), a schoolteacher and children's book author, and James Graham, an FBI agent.She and her sister, actress Aimee Graham, were raised by their strictly Catholic parents.They relocated often, as a result of their father's occupation, and Heather became increasingly shy.

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Heather graham dating jason silva

Unfortunately, her love of acting created a tension between Heather and her family although her mother obligingly drove her to auditions in Hollywood throughout her adolescence.

After high school Heather moved to Los Angeles and received small roles in a variety of films including Drugstore Cowboy (1989). I'm not the kind of person who needs to be a mother no matter what. Maybe I'll nurture someone who's not my child, like a friend, or an actor I'm working with who needs some love.

When her career did not take off as quickly as was hoped, Heather enrolled in the University of California at Los Angeles to get her degree in drama. Sometimes I do feel like - this is weird, I should just get up so I can fit into the world.

Heather dropped out of UCLA after two years to pursue her acting career on a full time basis.

She particularly focused on "Kat Slater"'s cockney "East End" intonation.

Hollywood actress Heather Graham and her boyfriend Jason Silva claim "lazy cuddling" to be a key to a happy relationship.

The 41 year old and her television presenter boyfriend, love to take time out of their busy schedule to spend time together in New York and both admitted laziness is a positive factor in their relationship, reported "I take her to eat Venezuelan food in the East Village. We do a lot of lazy cuddling," Silva said."Laziness, eating," added Graham.

The much-in-love couple believe to be perfect for each other as they are quite similar."He's awesome. I think I do, too, so I think that helps, because anyone can get a bit stressed," said the star."It's dopamine feedback lube of positivity going both ways. However, the duo is not planning to have kids soon, despite Heather revealing her fondness for children while working on a set full of kids in the latest movie ."I mean, I feel like it could be really fun, but I sort of feel open to whatever happens, like if I do or if I don't.

Well, my best friend has these little kids I'm totally in love with, so I love them," Graham said.

The 42-year-old Aussie actor helped famed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten celebrate his wife Marja‘s new PBS show, which centers around Korean food.

Hugh also narrated the show’s trailer and preview clip.

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