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No, it's hard enough to find one person to hang out with. I don't send nudes to boys, but I definitely send a raunchy pic or two to my girlies. When was the last time you sent a nude photo to someone?

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No, I haven't dated a fan; I might be open to that. I have only been on three dates before in my life, and they were all good. I'm definitely a huge romantic comedy fan, so I'm a sucker for a girl that can make me laugh. Usually through friends or just out and about; however, my last relationship started through IG [Instagram].

What do you think is the hottest movie sex scene of all time?

Excessive tongue is never a good thing when kissing me lol.

One of the breakout stars at Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 presentation at NYFW this February, Ralph Souffrant is a New York City-based model who has also worked with cult-favorite lines Gypsy Sport and Telfar, among others.

What's the one thing someone should never do in bed with you?

@barbienox Queens native Barbie Ferreira is a curve model who has starred in campaigns for the lingerie and intimate apparel line Aerie by American Eagle and appeared in editorials for CR Fashion Book, i-D and Nylon, among others. Not only have I never taken a nude selfie, I also forbid anyone else to take any. I had all the posters and screen names you can dream of. I truly have no type, but I like creative boys near my age. What's the one thing someone should never do in bed with you? Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, Siobhan Atwell is an openly transgender model who has worked with H&M and Hood by Air (whose designer Shayne Oliver considers her a muse) and shot for an upcoming issue of Who was your first celebrity crush? After a long pursuit, we were finally going to do it but she got drunk and fell asleep. When was the last time you sent a nude photo to someone? I am sure somebody saw us, but for me it was really romantic and also a little bit wild. I'm not too big into romance, but flowers and a guy who opens doors for me is a huge thing. I'm not necessarily looking for one, but if you put Alicia Keys and Beyoncé in a room, I might have a go at it. Now I'm back on track and dating one girl at a time. Maybe in the elevator at 5 in the morning or on a super small island in the middle of the Adriatic Sea where a lot of boats were passing by ... I went on a date with this pretty girl but probably the night before she ate garlic so it was impossible to have a conversation. But since I wasn't sure if it was a usual thing, I went out with her again and I had a great time ;) The second chance was definitely worth it. I feel bad saying so, but since I've been single for the past two years, I've dated multiple people a few times. @andreadenver3 What was the worst date you've ever had?

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