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West Yellowstone is the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park.West Yellowstone Web Cams provides a virtual tour of web cams in Real Time to see and enjoy the beauty of this area. West Yellowstone Web Cams lets you see West Yellowstone.The Nest Cam is the i Phone of Wi-Fi-connected security cameras. When Google-owned Nest Labs acquired Dropcam and its Internet-connected security cameras and live video streaming service last year for 5 million cash, I knew immediately good things were coming.

The Nest Cam costs $199 and works with your smartphone (i OS and Android), tablet or computer.

You can watch a live feed of your video, but if you want to save your video clips in the cloud, you'll need to pay for the Nest Aware with Video History service.

A 10-day Video History subscription costs $100 per year and a 30-day Video History subscription costs $300 a year.

That may sound expensive, but consider the peace of mind you'll get if you're using the Nest Cam to monitor your baby or kids at home, and the price is reasonable — especially when you compare it to the monthly fees home-security services charge.

Someone's got to pay to keep the lights on for their cloud.

Setting up a Dropcam was already an easy experience, but Nest somehow made it even easier for Nest Cam. Nest even brags about being able to set the device up in 60 seconds.

You simply plug the power cord — which, by the way is 10-feet long — into an outlet, scan the QR code on the back of the camera with the Nest app and connect to your Wi-Fi network. I used all the free time to make myself a delicious sandwich and catch up episodes of .

If only setting up other smart home devices was this simple.

The Dropcam Pro is one of the sleeker Wi-Fi security cameras out there, but it's still a little chunky. The body is now noticeably skinnier, but not flimsy at all.

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