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The MARC record has three components: The MARC record is divided into fields, each containing one or more related elements of bibliographic description.A field is identified by a three-digit tag designating the nature of its content.

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In archives, records created and maintained in a medium that requires some kind of machine to access their content (microforms, sound recordings, videorecordings, magnetic tape and disks, optical disks, etc.). Translation of text or speech from one natural language to another, accomplished automatically by means of a computer.

Also refers to the branch of computational linguistics devoted to researching translation by computer.

The family of computers introduced by Apple in 1984 that popularized the graphical user interface (GUI), setting a precedent for the design of user-friendly graphical applications and operating systems that other software companies like Microsoft were quick to follow.

A method of indexing in which a computer is programmed to select possible descriptors from a thesaurus of preferred terms based on the analysis of words and phrases appearing in the title and/or text of a work.

Each suggestion is evaluated by a human indexer and either accepted or rejected.

The indexer is also free to select additional authorized terms for indexing. Data in a form that can be recognized, accepted, and interpreted by a machine, such as a computer or other data processing device, whether created in such a form or converted from a format that a machine cannot read.

Usually refers to digital information stored on hard disk, floppy disk, or magnetic tape. An international standard digital format for the description of bibliographic items developed by the Library of Congress during the 1960s to facilitate the creation and dissemination of computerized cataloging from library to library within the same country and between countries.

By 1971, the MARC format had become the national standard for dissemination of bibliographic data and by 1973, an international standard.

There are several versions of MARC in use in the world, the most predominant being MARC 21, created in 1999 as a result of the harmonization of U. and Canadian MARC formats, and UNIMARC, widely used in Europe.

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