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Frankly, I can see why some of them are single from reading what they’ve written and some of the scary pictures of themselves.

But the vast majority, through bad luck or some as-yet unspecified personality defect (like the common “attracted to bad boys but are surprised when they treat them badly” effect), find themselves alone and rather than relying on chance (which is like playing the lottery – only less fun), try to find the man of their dreams through dating sites.

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Well, it turns out that the old saying is true: a good man is hard to find.

I decided to enlist my good lady’s help in researching this one so that it was fair and balanced.

You see while I’m attracted to women, I’m not at all attracted to men – so I needed assistance from someone who is.

Even though I love my car and would never change it, I sometimes like to look on car sites – like Auto Trader – at what other cars are out there that I’d be tempted to buy were I looking for a new one.

I do this knowing I’m not in the market for a new car.

In a similar vein, I sometimes like to look on dating sites – like – to see what single women are in my area that I might be interested in were I in the market for a new woman.

I do this knowing I’m not in the market for a new woman.

When I look at different cars I realise that I’m quite happy with the car I have and forget about it.

But when I look at different single women I find myself getting a bit depressed – but not for the reasons you might think.

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