I had a dream i was dating my crush liquidating mortgage

Example: What does it mean to dream about cuddling?In my dreams i often find myself cuddling with some guy.

It's so nice and when I wake up i find myself missing these made up characters for a split second until i realize they were only figments of my imagination.

Example: What does dreaming of cuddling with your ex mean?

I had a dream the other day that I was cuddling with my ex at a movie theater with my 3 other friends there with us : P what does this mean? (: -Rebecca (: Example: What does it mean when you dream of cuddling a guy you like in a shed? Example: What does it mean when you dream about cuddling with a someone? I had a dream me and this guy were cuddling, I don't really remember who he was, I believe he was a stranger but I felt like I knew him.

Example: I keep having these dreams where I'm cuddling/kissing a person... I cuddled with my crush last night in my dream the entire dream we talked about stars does this mean anything Yes, formally, it means you are in serious thought with the person you love. Since you had this dream, you are most likely to have another one like it.

water was calm and clear and was peaceful also trees were surrounding the water Example: What do cuddling dreams mean?

Last night was my most recent one, and I was just cuddling with a boy and we were kissing and he was like " ahh stop making me so horny " and I woke up... Example: Whats it mean to dream of cuddling the one you love on a boat?

The fact that you had someone say that you were making them horny, could actually mean that you yourself are horny as well.

Dreams like yours are dreams that are just re-playing your own emotions/feelings in your sleep and they come in the form of dreams.

Normally dreams where you are kissing/cuddling/being affectionate with people mean that you yourself would like to be kissed/cuddled/show affection.

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