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I work in retail so i gets my paper YOU BETTER TOO.

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I'll just stay out of trouble now and wait for Arsenal and Man City. It becomes apparent as time passages, that YOU are the one they don't deserve.

slim sexy chocolate, my name is deneka i have two kids a lil 3yr girl and a 1yr son. them to death i work go to school and the time i have free i chill with my babies i dnt go out much i drunk smoke my bud in the house.

I read, i walk i love to have a good time ??????????????????

but im looking for a man nt a friend i dnt want to **** u so plz do nt ask me or i will block u im running???????????? First off I want to say that it seems every guy on here really just wants a quick lay !!!

from u deadbeat dudes im look for someone that can take my heart ?? You all say your looking for a relationship but really you just seem to want to get your genitals wet !!!

Well not me so get off my page and go buy a hooker instead!!!!! HIV statistics are sky rocketing in this country, keep that in mind I have a very big heart, and am willing to do almost anything for my friends and family.

I'm equal parts loving and ****y (what woman isn't a little ****y, at least one week out if the month) btw my profile says my body type is average. 14 is average to me, not everyone is lucky enough to be a size 2!!

so if thats a problem for you move on to the next profile!!! Who is absolutely gorgeous and almost as freakin awesome as her mom !! Laughing is the best medicine and I love to laugh !!!

If u can't make me laugh then u suck and it prob won't work!!

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