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I feel kind of silly responding to a 6 year old post but...

- Mark Note that tags are enclosed in square brackets, not angle brackets.

Tags currently supported by this plugin are: as (Action Script), asp, c, cpp, csharp, css, delphi, html, java, js, mysql, perl, python, ruby, smarty, sql, vb, vbnet, xml, code (Generic).

This validator checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, Math ML, etc.

If you wish to validate specific content such as RSS/Atom feeds or CSS stylesheets, Mobile OK content, or to find broken links, there are other validators and tools available.

As an alternative you can also try our non-DTD-based validator.

In the Ping Support team, we often see various support requests come through that seek assistance in sorting out some issue with service providers complaining of being unable to use the SAML assertions in some form.These are commonly issues with what we call "roll your own" solutions, where the developer/provider isn't necessarily conforming to SAML specifications.Rather than pay for an application like Ping Federate, they have utilized a PHP, .Net, or PERL library, and haven't quite gotten the code exactly right.If that's what works for them, that's great, but sometimes it can be quite a headache when you're trying to troubleshoot a problem with an integration that you're trying to set up with one of your partners that has gone the way of the "roll your own" solution.There are a few tools out there that can help solve these problems.

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