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Can't you see there's fear on my face But I won't run from you That's right these are all my friends Now what are you gonna do?

Go ahead and try to push us around And we'll beat you, black & blue Because we don't talk any shit Especially from the likes of you, yeah you Intimidation is your game Well 2 can also play From here on in the battle line's drawn It's you who's gonna pay You think you're right you think we're wrong?

Taz was a dominant force throughout his wrestling career, and his music kept up with that image.

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Intimidating music

The flatline was a frequent symbol for those who would succumb to one of Taz's submissions.

Aside from Chyna, who actually competed against males more than females, Kharma is the most dominant female wrestler to ever step into a WWE ring.

In an era where some WWE divas look more like Barbie dolls than athletes, Kharma may seem even more dominant than she might have been 10 years ago.

What makes Kharma even scarier is her entrance theme.

The maniacal laugh the echoes through the arena makes other divas quiver with fear.

Though Kharma has yet to compete in her first match, she has already become one of the most intimidating divas of all time.

One of the few supernatural gimmicks that lasted more than sporadically also had one of the darkest themes in WWE history.

Gangrel, the leader of The Brood, typically rose from the stage in a ring of fire and drank blood from a goblet which he would spit into the air.

His music was a sinister instrumental theme with demonic words being whispered beneath. When added to his outrageous walk to the ring, The Boogeyman's entrance theme was one of the craziest ever in WWE.

Though he never achieved high status in WWE, mostly due to frequent injuries and the lack of strong storylines, Boogeyman still remains one of the most intimidating wrestlers in WWE history.

It takes a lot for a theme to equal the intimidation of a wrestler who brings live snakes to the ring, but this theme does it.

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