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See above "shanghai" Slops : Australian beer Sloppy Joe : Sweatshirt or top Smackers : Legal tender, cash, money. To await the outcome of a situation, event or happening Sweet : Splendid, marvellous, superb.

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Each of the following nouns that start with R will be used in a sentence.

In the following section will be a list of emotions, interesting, events, and famous people.

Emotions that start with RRage: a feeling of intense anger.

Salvo's : Salvation army Sandshoes : Tennis shoes, sneakers, runners Sang-a : A sandwich Sausage roll : A cheap small round pastry roll filled with a sausage like meat Serviette : A table napkin Scared the living Ricky's out of me : A peculiar localism for scared the living daylights out of me Schooner : A large glass of beer in the state of New South Wales Scone : A small (baked) muffin made from fresh dough.

Scrub : Bush, and just about any bush outside of city limits. Decline, reject, repel Scrub up : Shape up, prepare yourself mentally. Clean up, make like fresh or new See-saw : Teeter totter. The common children's nursery rhyme: See-saw Marjory Daw, Johnny shall have a new master Shag on a rock : Deserted, abandoned, rejected Shagged : Completely fatigued, tied or weary Shanghai : A young child's catapult, usually made from a small, forked branch of a tree and rubber strap cut from an old inner tube Sheila : A general term for an Australian woman or girl She'll be right : Everything is under control, do not concern yourself She's apples : An emphatic "yes", statement of agreement, everything is okay.

Everything is alright Shemozzle : An uproar, commotion or free-for-all. See also Bob Shirty : Irritated, aggravated, annoyed Shivoo : A festivity, party, celebration Shifting : Moving at remarkable speed. "Look at that bloke go, he is really shifting along" Shoot through : An impolite term, to ask or direct someone to leave. "She's apples mate, you won the race by a mile." See below: She's right mate She's right mate : I'm ok. Roughly the size of a United States twenty five cent coin. However, if he is your mate, cobber or friend, then he is a "Good Sport" Spot on : Just right, accurate, correct. A state of dilemma, perplexity or bewilderment Shilling : A silver (outdated Australian currency ) coin with a value of twelve pennies. The Aussies strange sense of humour certainly comes to the fore in respect to other individuals handicaps Shout : The act of treating another person to a drink. Usually if a person is addressed with the word "sport" it denotes uneasiness, dislike or even hostility towards such one. To leave in a hurry Shoot through like a Bondi tram : The original phrase to signify a person who is in a great rush or hurry. To suddenly depart Shonky : Dubious, crooked, suspect. Inferior, second-rate, substandard quality Shorty : A tall person. See below "Squiz" Solicitor : Lawyer or Attorney Sooky : Cry baby, whimper, complainer Sort : Woman. " Spin a yarn : An exaggerated story or tall tale Sport : A disliked individual. " Sponger : A person who mooches or lives of others. See also below "Sneak Peek" Sticky tape : Scotch tape Stiff : Too bad (for you) or tough luck. An individual's (unselfish) obligation to pay Shouting : Paying. " Shut your face : An impolite request for someone to stop talking Sickie : A paid day off work due to illness Skerrick : A diminutive, inadequate or insufficient amount. "You might as well eat it all because there's only a skerrick of it left" Skinny as a rake : Self explanatory. "If old William loses any more weight, he will look as skinny as a rake" Skite : To exaggerate, boast or brag Skiter : A person who exaggerates, boasts or brags Skiting : Skiting is the act of "skite" Sling off at : To jeer, mock or ridicule a person or a group of people. See also Banger Snaily : Aggressive, unfriendly, hostile. "Keep away from the neighbour's dog, he is real snaily! Yes, I even got a chance to take a sneak peek at them." Also used just as "peak. Also called "Southerly buster " See also Buster SP bookie : A daring capitalist (business person) who involves themselves in an unlawful enterprise relating to horse race events Sparrow fart : The awakening of daybreak Spanner : Wrench Spewing : Regurgitating. Inflamed with anger, enraged, infuriated Spit the dummy : Stop acting like a fool. "Why don't you just spit the dummy and grow up, okay! Compare Sneak Peek Squatter : A person who unlawfully takes over the living rights to another person's property. Owner of a large property (ranch) in the outback Stands out like dog's balls : Very obvious, you can't miss it Stand over : An act of force, aggression or action. "Don't think you can use those stand over tactics with me" Station : A large ranch or spread in the Australian outback Sticky : A short glance or look. See also Moolah Smash repairs : Motor vehicle body shop Smoko : A short break, rest or recess. The original term was derived from taking a few minutes rest to smoke a cigarette Smoodge : To cuddle, embrace or hug a member of the opposite sex Smoodger : A person who flatters others with elegant words or speech Snag : A sausage. "Did you hear the teacher left the test results in the classroom? See also top sort Sort someone out : To find out all about someone. To engage in a confrontation or reprehend another individual Southerly : A strong wind or gale from the south. "They had a couple of sprogs." Meaning they had a couple of kids Square off : To fix-up or rectify matters. An admission, apology or justification Squiz : An observation, peep or glance.

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