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You'll do whatever it takes to get what you want and achieve your ambitions, even it if sometimes means putting friends and others at a lower priority. Even though you have girls on your mind, you somehow find room to cram a bunch of knowledge in. Like Sango, you know how to be tough when it's needed and be sensitive when it's right.Be wary of your ambition, and make sure you don't burn bridges on your way to achieving your goals. You are a very dependable friend--you always have your friend's back.Sometimes you let your emotions control your decisions, but you always try to be fair and sensible.

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Like Inu Yasha, you can be a little abrasive and impatient.

You are very driven, and when your mind is set on a goal, you will do anything to complete it.

Anyone who hurts your friends should watch out--they're in for a world of hurt!

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Best Accessory for Kagome's book bag in the Anime Boston 2005 Masquerade Winner of the first round of Anime Dating Game at Anime Boston 2005Hall Vote Cosplay Ribbon on Friday Anime Boston 2005 Third Place in Catzia's 4th Annual Hall This cosplay has a bunch of pieces & accessories so here's the breakdown: a completely altered and customized top (I had initially bought the costume, but it was way too big so my mother and I took it apart and pieced it back together so it would fit properly and be properly detailed) hand-made loose-sock-like legwarmers brown loafers Shikon no kakera in a small glass bottle with cork stopper (Someday I would like to make a Shikon no Tama necklace to interchange with it) the infamous gigantic yellow book bag (which I designed and then altered a pattern for) a compact mirror like the one shown at the beginning of Movie 2 Inuyasha's Kotodama no Nenju (the one released in Japan when Movie 3 came out) hand-made bow (proper size of a short-bow) quiver (that my dad helped me make) hand made and fletched arrows (complete with real white feather fletching, thanks again to my dad's sugestions) Whenever I wear this cosplay I always make sure to stuff the book bag full of goodies just like in the show including cup noodles, travel toothbrush, manga, candy, snacks, and many other assorted goodies.

Anime Next 2004 I got to meet the English voice actors of Inuyasha and Kagome, Monica Stori even complimented me on my costume and wanted a picture of me, and I got to get a picture with them as well (unfortunately the picture came out a bit dark).

;_; At Anime Boston 2005 I participated in the Anime Dating Game as bachelorette number 3 and was selected by the bachelor, Edward Elric to be his "date".

I also was the Black Queen in the Cosplay Chess at the same Convention.

^_^This cosplay has a lot of good memories associated with it but it is currently retired because there is no way to wash it (and it's a bit icky), plus I want to eventually remake the outfit so that it will become all my own creation.

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