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The ability to turn websites into easily accessible icons on your i OS desktop can come in pretty handy.

You can’t do that with any other browser (to the best of my knowledge), so if you would like a folder full of website shortcuts on your i OS screen, then Safari is your only hope.

What is annoying is that if you want to open a web page from most third-party apps, the only option is to open it in Safari.

Apple seems reluctant to fully open this functionality up to other browsers, but many apps do allow you to stipulate which browser you can use.

You can synchronize your bookmarks across i OS devices and your Mac using i Cloud, and this works quite well.

However, the one major stumbling block for me was that there is no longer any Safari browser for the Windows desktop.So if you use both Windows and Mac devices, and you want to sync your bookmarks across all of them, then you are out of luck.Private browsing is supported, and when you search, the top hit can be pre-loaded, so you can get to it quicker.When you are typing in links, Safari often suggests quick one-tap shortcuts to the sites it thinks you are looking for.This makes getting to sites much faster, particularly Wikipedia entries.Best for: Google fans, those who use Chrome on their desktop devices and of course Android users.

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