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Unlike centralized messaging applications like Whats App, Signal or Telegram, a core part of our mission is to allow users to connect any XMPP server of their choice and to encourge users to run their own servers.

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Because all of this data is exchanged by the clients themselves, our push server has no idea about the JIDs of Alice or Bob, or where any of the tokens ended up.

The next time Alice opens the app and she wants to talk to Bob, she sees that Bob is offline.

On the chat screen there is now a new button called Knock that has replaced the Send button when the contact is offline (and no text is entered).

We’re excited to announce that XMPP push (XEP-0357) is now available, finally allowing users to receive push messages from any contact.

This feature is only available when used with compatible XMPP servers, and requires special modules to be enabled for Prosody ().

Our next release will focus on OMEMO support for multi-device asynchronous end-to-end encryption, which will provide huge usability gains over OTR on mobile devices.Thankfully the GPL + App Store licensing issues concerning Signal Protocol have been resolved.You can try OMEMO today in other apps such as Conversations, Gajim, and Cryptocat.v3.2.3 changes: With the release of Chat Secure i OS v3.2, we have enabled the first phase of a new form of push messaging that is decentralized, interoperable, and reduces identifiable metadata.Users of any app compatible with the Chat Secure Push protocol can send push messages across app boundaries, starting with the latest release of Chat Secure i OS and the next version of Zom Messenger.These push messages currently contain no content and are simply a way to wake up the receiving client for ~20 seconds.

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