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Anonymous I'm a 22y old girl from sweden, and it have been interesting to read all the stories here.

I think here is sweden it's heading the same trend as in Japan, the girl ideal is sporty, strong and incharge and the girls wants the guys to be slim, cute and not having too much muscles.

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Nowdays when we go out on nighclubs we always chase the cute and "weak" guys, i think they are sexier somehow.

The last two guys i had been to bed with, have been slim musician in my age, with slim arms and legs.

I was clearly stronger phyicly than both of them, and i could easily take control of them and be in "charge", and i think both me and them loved it.

If a girl's flexing biceps are below about 12 inches she doesn't look feminine-she looks like a stick figure.

A peaked 14 inch biceps provides the kind of feminine curves that are incredibly sexy.

Anonymous In less than a year my girlfriend's biceps have grown over 1 inch.She's been strength training with weights and now has 14 inch upper arms.Mine are only a quarter inch larger and I workout too!Anonymousyoung girls are alot more muscular than girls 10 or 20yrs havnt changed.i saw young girls beat boys in armwrestling'running'and fighting.women are inspiring these girls to get myth that women are weaker than men is gone.i know women who are stronger than men wake up and accept that girls or women can be more muscular than boys or men and stronger.Anonymousgirls are more muscular.i saw yung girls and boys comparing biceps the girls were are the future of women.i know women who do farm work and throw 70 pd bales of takes strong muscle and women have it.Anonymousyes u do need to to women alot stronger and more muscular than you you take both hands and squeeze a 15 inch female bicep a be amazed how hard and strong she is you will fall in love.

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