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To avoid this becoming a boring black skirt, I tried to imitate elements from my inspiration design.

Using chalk and the width of my ruler I marked out 'quilting' lines on the wrong side of the fabric and stitched along them.

Although my skirt isn't actually quilted - I literally wouldn't know where to begin! I also inserted an exposed zip, mainly for 'rock-chick' aesthetic reasons, but also because the idea of inserting any other kind of zip with pleather terrified me!

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However, I get the impression that pleather is less tricky to work with and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy sewing it up turned out to be!

The only thing I didn't get on with was the hemming tape included in my kit..didn't really stick that well for some reason.

So I bought leather glue instead, which I used on the waistline, hem and all other seams to great results.

Szklana surówka zamówiona została jeszcze z bombkami i czekała sobie do Wielkanocy, ale niestety z braku czasu nie zrobiłam ani jednego jaja, aż do teraz.

Pomiędzy pieczeniem ciast powstało jedno , szklane jajo w stylu " ala Richelieu".

I've been admiring leather skirts for a while now - this one especially - so I figured I'd be a bit adventurous with my second project for the Minerva Blogger Network and give making one a go.

I ordered some black pleather - and other handy bits which are included in my kit - and got busy.

I had ambitious plans for the design of this skirt, but as I started playing around with ideas, I found that the simplest worked best.

So I drafted a simple A-line - using my first ever self-drafted skirt pattern as a basis - and loved how it looked.

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