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LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Are Lu Ann and Jacques still together 2014 dating, did Lu Ann cheat on Jacques with the Pirate Tomas, what happened to Lu Ann on RHONY, and is she leaving the show? Her credit downgrade has never been fully explained.

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So when the new season of RHONY debuts tonight, fans will be left guessing what happened between Lu Ann and Jacques, and if Lu Ann is leaving RHONY after this season.

Countess Lu Ann de Lesseps was not cheating with Tomas, her Johnny Depp lookalike, during last season of RHONY. Tomas did give me a ride home.” But Carole said that she heard French voices that night in the house, not Italian voices.

At the time, the women of the show accused Countess Lu Ann of cheating and lying about Tomas, the French Johnny Depp looker that she met at Le Ti nightclub in St. Lu Ann however told news “Now if I was going to have an affair, would I bring him to a houseful of housewives?

” Sonja Morgan Ex Husband Pictures Sonja Morgan Ex Husband Photo 1 Sonja Morgan Ex Husband Photo 2 Sonja Morgan Ex Husband Photo 3 Sonja Morgan Ex Husband Photo 4 Lu Ann later told news that she did not cheat but did lie about which person she brought home.

I admit it, learned my lesson.” She added “I may have lied. When it was done, Lu Ann agreed to return to the show but not as a full housewife.

Kelly Bensimon Hot Magazine Spread Kelly Bensimon Photo 1 Kelly Bensimon Photo 2 Kelly Bensimon Photo 3 Kelly Bensimon Photo 4 Kelly Bensimon Photo 5 Tonight Lu Ann returns to RHONY. But Lu Ann was part of that infamous RHONY contract dispute in 2013.

Months after that statement, in 2013, Lu Ann and Jacques broke up.

“As I write this, Jacques and I are on vacation and we couldn’t be more united and happy.” A report at the time, however, claimed that the couple’s relationship was “on the rocks”. I’m happily in love, my children are doing great, and I’m feeling better than I have in years”.

When the episode aired in December 2012, filmed in 2011, Lu Ann assured news that she and Jacques were still together.

She’s just broken up with long-term boyfriend Jacques Azoulay but Countess Lu Ann de Lesseps says she’s already finding it tough being single again.

And in an exclusive interview with Radar, The star is revealing the real reason she broke up with her boyfriend of 4½ years last month.

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