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I'm a fan of the series so I genuinely enjoyed this one.At first it felt like it was going to turn into a meaningless special just to make use of a high rating Getsu-ku, especially with all the "In New York" thingie which made it sound made up. I liked that not only the development of the relationship between the protagonists was focused upon, read more they also gave time to view the latest development in Next Innovation and the Personal File project though of course with the big stress on the romantic line.This special felt more real to me, meaning to say it expressed points in human relationships (especially between couples) that many can relate to.

It felt nice to make sure that love is not all about being lovey-dovey and happy all the time, there are times when difference in character and ways of thinking causes trouble in relationships.

In a sense this special episode gave more meaning and depth to the drama's ending, I'm so glad they produced it. I'll explain this just to be sure everyone knows this piece of information (which btw I didn't know before watching the special), This special covers events which took place during the 1 year & 9 months period which gets fast forwarded in the final scenes of the drama's finale, to be more precise after the scene where he sends her off at the airport.

So supposedly the finale's final scene where she comes back to japan and pays a visit to the company out of the blue takes place after the special's story.

While the picture of the newly weds' on the wall that they showed in the finale nicely connects the dots, they still made one big mistake (at least imo), the Brazilian flag she has on her cheeks!! Still, that mistake can be over looked since we know they didn't intend to make the special at that stage yet.

But you know, why the need to make it in the US in the first place, why didn't they stick with Brazil and just made a Brazilian company buy the one where she was working at, but then that would need to make him go to Brazil for work instead which wouldn't make sense right? I watched the drama when it was airing so I kind of forgot most of the story.

Anyways, with all that being said, I really recommend this drama and special of course to any J-Drama fan out there. Thankfully, there is a small recap at the begining of this special episode to remind us of the main events that happened in the drama.

I liked this episode because it focused on both Tohru/Makoto's romance and their work stories. I would recommand it if you like refreshing stories.

It's a good read more balance to keep me interested. The special picks up where we left off in the Season 1 finale. But be warned, you have to see the drama first as this picks up right where the ending left off.

Also, Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi are good actors with great chemistry onscreen. Toru is reinstated as President & CEO of Next Innovation; Asahina is paroled and living a simple life as a software engineer; and Makoto is a world away in Brazil, pursuing her dream of becoming a research scientist. I don't know exactly when it happened, but these characters have really grown on me. I only watched it over 20 minutes ago on live tv, I instantly fell in love with it. I definatly think if your a person that likes Romantic business typish drama's and movies I HIGHLY recommend it!! As I watched it, I kept saying to myself, why couldn't I have known they were filming this so close to home!

Ishihara feels passionate about her character and Shun is totally awesome as "the moody but cute genius". The characters had to face diffuclties that really could happen in our daily life. For one week she returns to Japan to be with Toru, who can't seem to make up his mind about what read more exactly she is to him. Watch it from the drama season, i'll guarantee that you will enjoy this as much as i did ^_^ Ni M x Oguri Shun! I enjoyed the relationship and the return of Asahina. I mean, read more I have to admit, I was already super excited for this special simply because I loved the original show.

I thought these two were already officially dating, albeit long distance, but turns out this is not the case. I enjoyed it more than the drama because there was more focus on the development of Toru & Makoto's relationship. Not everything was as I had hoped for, but I still really, really liked it. A lot of other jdrama specials tend to be kind of useless, so I was really glad that they attempted to fit this one into the plot of the original show, rather than just "recap" everything that happened.

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