James purefoy who is he dating

But in terms of my work, I’ll go anyplace.”He added, “Still, in my personal life, I feel my responsibility as a human being is to do the right thing by my fellow man, to take care of my children and raise honest and gentle and compassionate human beings, and to help them create their own ideas about what we feel is the difference between right and wrong. What I want to do is go home and hug my kids, talk to them and engage with them.”In movies like , Bacon plays killers or child abusers, so he could surely have nailed the Joe Carroll role, too. “So I thought to myself, I have to make him lighter and more alive in the past, in some sort of a way.However, for his first foray into series television, Bacon wanted to be the hero, albeit a conflicted one.“I’ll tell you why, because I felt really strongly that when I was trying to find something to do on TV, I knew that I wanted to be the hero,” Bacon said. It’s really kind of an internal thing, but when I see it, I see a different kind of guy.“Whatever kind of hero that he was, I wanted him to be complex, to be damaged, to be just a complicated character.. One of the sad things about this character is that he was the most alive, when he was on the trail of Joe.

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James purefoy who is he dating

I would read great, funny half-hour scripts, or I’d read things that were a little bit more sort of soapy and I liked them, and there was some great writing, but I started to realize that I really needed to find something that was about life and death and that I could be the hero.”Flawed heroes like Bacon’s character Ryan Hardy have done really well on television. a perfect example would be Claire Danes’ character on . As an audience member, you look at that and you go, ‘Oh, please don’t do the wrong thing; because you really are pulling for her. ’ Bacon asked himself many, many questions to get inside the character.“The thing that appeals to me always is ‘who the person is on the inside? So I’m trying to, with the flashbacks, just give him the lightness. Who knows, because when you sign on, you’ve got to know that that’s going to be the deal.

Keifer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer saved the world on , but lost his family and possibly his soul, in the process. “I think you have to have a hero and he’s got to mess up,” Bacon said. You’re pulling for her.’ That, to me, I think Hardy’s pretty good at keeping that feeling alive.”The complexities of Ryan Hardy include many mysteries. Stand up more and just feel stronger and healthier in a way, than the guy that you see in the rest of the show.”Bacon is married to Kyra Sedgwick, star of TNT’s long running hit for seven years. If you’re so lucky that you get something like is Bacon’s co-star, Purefoy’s Joe Carroll.

Sitting next to each other on stage, Bacon and Purefoy actually kissed each other in front of the entire Television Critics Association to show their chemistry.

, either because viewers are hooked on the intense serial killer storyline, or because critics are debating the level of violence in portraying that intensity.

Kevin Bacon stars as former agent Ryan Hardy, who’s brought back when the killer he caught, Joe Carroll (played by James Purefoy), enacts a master plan.

Carroll has cultivated a following of serial killer proteges from the comfort of his prison cell, and it’s Hardy’s job to work with Carroll to catch them.A legendary film actor, Kevin Bacon was the subject of a fan game called “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” which proved nobody is more than six connections away from working with Bacon.The star of films like , Bacon is used to intense material.“As you know, I’ve gone to a lot of dark places in my professional work and I’m not afraid of that,” Bacon told Dish during the TCA Winter Press Tour in Pasadena recently. What have I been doing for the 10 years in between when I put him in jail and now? I’m the guy that thinks about Ryan Hardy, and who he is and who he could be.“I’ve never been afraid of that as an actor in terms of the kinds of movies I’ve been in, the kinds of parts that I’ve taken on. I’m like anybody else, I like things that are exciting and scary and I think some of the ideas plot-wise that come out of his mind are really fascinating, but it’s not my day to day focus.” flashes back to Ryan just after catching Carroll, when he was happy and dating Carroll’s ex-wife Claire (Natalie Zea).I feel like my responsibility as an actor is to make characters as compelling and believable as possible. If it were a movie, the flashbacks could be even more drastically different, but Bacon does the best he can on television.“If it was a movie, you could really change the hair and change the makeup and really go for a different sort of look, but because we’ll do a flashback scene and then go to a present-day scene, and then go to another flashback scene in the course of a single day, it’s almost impossible for us really to do anything like that,” Bacon said.

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