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We decided to share a number of dishes so that we could sample the vast menu.After a considerable but justifiable wait, the Tuna Carpaccio with Onion, Dressed with Oba-Yuzu Kosho () arrives.The tuna was flawlessly dressed with acidity to complement its fresh buttery texture. I had suggested we order the Spicy Tuna and Salmon on Crispy Rice Cakes () but was disappointed at first sight. But please, if you are going to offer individual sushi pizza coins, there's no need for a modern twist to the name.

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The assorted Seafood Classic Tempura ($19) was served with a creamy roasted garlic dip (note to menu author: thank you for not calling this aioli).

Generally I stay away from deep fried food unless it's at a greasy spoon.

As far as I'm concerned, a deep fried boot would likely taste the same as deep fried battered shrimp - in the end all deep fried food pretty much tastes the same.

It's cheap and plentiful; there seems to be at least one shop on every block. My "Sushi Sundays" as I like to call them, are the perfect ending to the weekend because it's become so affordable, especially as take out.

I was introduced to Ki while working in the downtown core; being blessed with company lunches and an expense account for client interaction, I used every opportunity to dine there.

When I moved to an office in midtown, my downtown coworkers were kind enough to send me off with a Ki gift certificate, knowing that I'd never likely spend the money to eat there again.

So, a year later I returned to see if Ki still deserved my endless affection.

I decided my friend's 28th birthday was special enough to splurge on Ki, and thankfully I wasn't spending my own money. The bar was lined with a sea of suits and alluring young things that made me feel like I should have included more cleavage in my wardrobe repertoire.

Without a reservation and the tables all taken, we were guided to the sushi bar with its high back chairs which made the setting intimate enough to gossip about the other patrons while talking to the sushi chefs about what they were charring with a blow torch.

After perusing the menu our server Geoff greets us and asks if we'd like something to drink.

After asking what's popular, he points with disdain to the pomegranate martini but is quick to mention the newest creations, knowing that just because pomegranate is the cosmo du jour with the after work crew, that doesn't make it great.

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