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The community remained part of Boston until it was set off and incorporated in 1739, when it was named after Chelsea, a neighborhood in London, England.

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On March 19, 1846, North Chelsea, which consists of present-day Revere and Winthrop was established as a separate town.

Reincorporated as a city in 1857, Chelsea developed as an industrial center and by mid-century had become a powerhouse in wooden sailing ship construction.

As the century wore on, steam power began to overtake the age of the sail and industry in the town began to shift toward manufacturing.

Chelsea is a diverse, working-class community that contains a high level of industrial activity.

It is one of only three Massachusetts cities in which either the majority or a plurality of the population identifies as Hispanic or Latino, alongside Lawrence and Holyoke.

After flirting with bankruptcy in the 1990s, the once-struggling industrial city has reversed a prolonged decline and in recent years has enjoyed sustained economic growth.

Thanks to its relative affordability and close proximity to Boston, Chelsea has added more than 1,200 homes since 2005, mostly loft-style apartments and condominiums suitable for small families or young professionals.

There has also been significant office, retail and restaurant development throughout the city.

The area of Chelsea was first called Winnisimmet (meaning "good spring nearby") by the Massachusett tribe, which once lived there.

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