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How else would you describe four semi-famous bachelors selecting from a pool of suggestively dressed ladies after a couple shouted questions and a 10-second deliberation? promises there will also be celebrity bachelorettes later on) sit in chairs facing away from a stage.

Once the celebrities have each collected three chosen ladies, those women then compete in a mini-pageant, answering their bachelor’s questions until he decides who he wants to take , ABC’s ultimate elaboration on that thesis—and which, in comparison to The Choice, suddenly seems like it should have won an Oscar for documentary filmmaking. As in the case of the lovely Elyze, the audience response was so overpowering the bachelors couldn’t hear her voice at all and merely whipped their chairs around to see what all the hollering was about. Obviously if the producers had thrown in a 350-pound woman with an acne beard and a good heart it would have been a debacle, and let’s hope they never do, because it would turn the superficiality of the series into something sinister.

If The Choice was ever intended to be a show about women being judged on anything other than looks (HIGHLY DOUBTFUL), that lofty goal was struck down by the first boisterous hoot when the first contestant’s wildly shimmying silhouette danced on the 30-foot tall projection screen in the center of the stage. The Choice is all about rewarding the good-looking, and the fact that such a set-up implicitly punishes fugly innocents is not something it wants to discuss.

The Choice is not trying to say that basing attraction on looks is superficial, it’s predicated on the idea you can ONLY be attracted to someone based on looks, and when you can’t look for yourself, you have to use every clue available to make sure she is, in fact, hot before you pull that “love handle.” The women onstage spent their precious seconds trying to convince the bachelors that they were good looking, describing themselves like prized show dogs. keeps its tone light, its girls beautiful, and its audience therefore reasonably polite.

stars Pauly D and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino are just some of the few celebrities chosen for the all-star reality competition.

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The show's twist is that the celebrities can't see their prospective dates and, much like the singing show , the single celebrities will be sitting on rotating chairs with their backs turned to the contestants.

Rounding out the men in the competition are Dean Cain, Rocco Di Spirito, Warren Sapp, Finesse Mitchell, Romeo, Jeremy Bloom, Jason Cook, Michael Catherwood, Seth Wescott, Parker Young, Ndamukong Suh, Dr.

Robert Nettles, Taylor Hicks, Rob Gronkowski, and Steven Lopez.

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