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In case you forgot, Katie Holmes, 37, and Joshua Jackson, 38, not only dated on their hit TV show, but they also had a real romance off-camera, too.

And now that they’re both single again, their friends are reportedly hoping that they give the relationship a second chance — especially since they’ve remained close throughout the years!

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The mag claims that the actress has a lot in common with her former co-star, like a “love for great films, theater and even fashion,” and the insider adds that, “You never forget your first love.” Totally true!

Considering a majority of people who watched are Team Joey and Pacey, it would obviously be a dream come true if these stars found a way to make their relationship work in real life.

But, remember, Diane and Josh were together for 10 years before their recent breakup, so we also wouldn’t blame him for wanting to take some time to himself for now — and he’ll always have Katie to confide in as a friend!

, which says, “It looks like life is imitating art for the newly single actors.” The magazine explains, “Eight hours had passed since ‘The Affair’s Joshua Jackson and Ruth Wilson sat down to lunch on Aug.

22 at Gemma restaurant in New York City when he planted a kiss on the top of her head and they headed to a hotel together.” A so-called “eyewitness” is quoted as saying, “They could’ve easily been mistaken for a couple.

The more they drank, the more physical they became. ” And, according to the tabloid, a “source” close to the co-stars isn’t “surprised to hear Joshua and Ruth have been spending time together off set since his split from Diane Kruger.” “We’re all wondering if this could be the start of something special,” says the outlet’s supposed snitch.

“The chemistry between Joshua and Ruth has always been undeniable.

If they had both been single from the start, there’s no doubt in my mind Joshua and Ruth would’ve been hooking up.” That leads to suggestively wonder, “Making up for lost time, are we? Jackson and Wilson did indeed enjoy each other’s company last month, as captured by paparazzi photographers, who snapped photos of the two drinking and chatting.

Tellingly, though, there’s no pictures of the PDA the tabloid claims took place in front of other diners at a Manhattan restaurant.

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