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I could put up comics at a less strenuous more "elbow-roomy" pace. (I can’t get out to my PO Box every day and personal checks take time to clear.)Donate!

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Celebrities and their families and More (relationship is so complicated.) This blog is only unofficial and non-profit fan page... Sun, 21 August 2011 at pm Kimberly Stewart & Benicio Del Toro Welcome Baby Girl!

For more information and large photos; click on the links.

Kimberly Stewart and Benicio Del Toro have welcomed a baby girl!

I'll get your art out as soon as I'm back from INTERVENTION7!

UPDATE: I'm still a little behind (on store orders too)!

Give me another day or two and I shall climb aboev the pile! Normally I’d have a story in the news below about what to expect in the coming year, but we’ve been talking about that a lot lately.Normally I’d try to have a new book in the store, or a shirt! Being a Defender isn't only about bonus content, it’s also about saying thanks for the years of entertainment this strip has provided you.But life events made it impossible to get projects done by deadline. And it gives me the gift of continuing to provide it for at least a few more years to come, for everyone!Normally I’d do more everything, but the muscle spasm that took my arm out for a week meant I was barely on top of the next day’s comic. Just fill out the registration form, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can pay via Credit Card (link on the bottom left) or via Paypal.The only thing I did do was promote Defenders memberships, and you guys did the rest. As I've said before, the term is misleading and inaccurate. Reward Torg for all of his hard work, being a hero and dating way out of his league! His eyes are so damn big his tears may drown us all! Your account should be activated almost immediately!More of you donated, renewed and joined the Defenders program in the last few weeks than the rest of 2016. I've been advised by friends and family alike to stop using the term 'retirement'. Because one year is not enough time for me to wrap all the storylines in Sluggy Freelance, there will be more story coming, just not in the daily webcomic format. I still love the characters, the writing, the drawing. And thanks to all the recent Defenders of the Nifty support I've received, I'm highly considering continuing the comic online, but not on a schedule. * Checks and Money Orders can be sent to: Sluggy Freelance, LLC PO Box 453, Denville, NJ 07834 Please include a valid contact email with the check, and please allow 3 weeks* for account activation!

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