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Somehow I think I'm getting the better part of the deal.

Timmy was a gay man at a time when gay men were treated miserably, not only in Hollywood but in the rest of the country as well.

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Timmy grew up in the Northeast in a small town where he really and truly didn't fit in.

At some point he knew he wanted to be an actor and began performing in theatres across the country.

He would stick in a city long enough to work in some plays and shows and then move on when he heard of another opportunity in a bigger town or for more money somewhere else.

She hooked up with the editor of a magazine so she could be named in one of their best of issues.

She then went around saying what an honor it was and how hard work pays off with a bunch of blessed hashtags after getting on the list.

It just seemed like from the first day I started at my first position he was there.It seems like he has always said he is retired, but at the same time it seems like he always has a piece of every project. He started in the business when he was a kid doing gofer work and his career rise has matched the rise of films through their infancy all the way to the present day.He knows everyone and for those few people he doesn't know, they certainly know him.I've always told him he needs to write a book about his life and times and let future generations have an insight into his life and what he has seen. With what I do now I don't come into contact with JJ much anymore on a professional basis but I always stay in touch on a personal basis.I get the feeling he has, although he hasn't ever confirmed it. Every other month or so we get together for brunch and I get entertained for a few hours.I'm not sure what JJ gets out of it except for some company and some free food.

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