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The online gathering began with Sean giving an introduction to the Dominican Young Adults.Then, the groups came together to recognize God’s presence among them in a national prayer service.

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Petitions were collected prior to the meeting from the chapter members.

Others were spoken aloud and some were kept in the silence of our hearts.

We closed with a song by the JJ Weeks Band called, “Let Them See You.” After this, the voting for the 2014–2015 National Executive Board was held via an online form on Google Drive.

Young Preachers Gather For Virtual Meeting By Sean Mundy On the precipice of the Aug. Dominic, local chapters of the Dominican Young Adults (DYA) met on Saturday, Aug. Thomas Aquinas College, in Chicago, in Michigan at Siena Heights University, and even in Kenya, Africa (special appearance by Br. Connecting via technology, more than 20 young adults were able to gather nationally without paying a cent! A nation of college students who had attended the College Preaching in Action Conference had met in Columbus, Ohio, to plant the seed of a national group of young Dominicans.

They met again in 2008 in Madison, Wisconsin, and DYA-USA officially formed and launched their web site.

In 2009, DYA was officially recognized by the International Dominican Youth Movement (IDYM), at the International Gathering in Fatima, Portugal, and IDYM held its International Gathering in Bogota, Columbia in 2013, where two DYA USA members were elected onto the five person International Commission (Sean Mundy from Chicago as Promoter of Communications and Lyamar Diaz-Rodriguez from Puerto Rico as Promoter of Formation).

In 2010, members from various DYA groups met at the first National Gathering in Chicago.

Many members are excited about the possibility of representing DYA-USA at World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland in 2016, at various world activities for the 800th Jubilee of the Dominican Order, and at the next IDYM International Gathering abroad.

The DYA Executive Board felt that it was necessary to find a way to meet nationally, yet allow for young adults to attend without incurring travel expenses.

Google+ has designed a way for people in different locations to “hangout” in a video chat room (with numerous other features, including chat, Google Drive integration, screen sharing capabilities, the ability to watch a common You Tube video right in the chat room, and more).

With a great deal of tech preparation by Sean Mundy, DYA Executive Board National Coordinator, each local chapter was able to connect.

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