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It has been one of the questions every one has asked me , why you have moved to Kurdistan ?being a successful General Manager within India what was the need for you to shift and that also to a Place Not known to many. 90% of the people didn't know anything about Kurdistan.

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and as Iraq is famous for its various problems , one of the Greatest and well known is ISIL.

But very few Know that only force which has been able to keep ISIL or Daesh (as known in Arabic) from spreading its wings in North Iraq is forces the Regional Kurdish Military force of KRG (Kurdistan regional Government).

also that Kurdistan is the Only safe heaven in this Region.

But these reasons had nothing to do with my decisions.

When I was head hunted by the Present company , even I had no knowledge of Kurdistan, and as soon as Iraq word was uttered I said NO.

It took quite a while and a few discussions with some Indians associated with Kurdistan and a secret 4 days visit to Erbil, which actually changed my View about this small country.

The Erbil International airport was first surprise for me.

I had flown on Emirates Via Dubai to Erbil and with an anxiety about going to a Place in Iraq .

I saw the surrounding city and its development while landing and was surprised, It was like landing at any other international airport, clean, sparkling and greeted by smiling faces.

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