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When I dated another girl a year later, they were more respectful of the fact that it was an actual relationship. More and more of us are deciding to shirk traditional definitions of sexuality in favor of doing what feels natural. Sure, I got a lot of flack from my friends ("Oh, having the obligatory lesbian fling?

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(Many lesbians will patently not date bisexual girls, which I find ridiculous.)I get that lesbians have had to struggle with discrimination and oppression as both women and homosexuals, but the fact that I also like to date men doesn't make my love for or attraction to a woman any less real.

I like penises and vaginas; if you don't want me to be part of your culture because you think I'm some sort of sexual dilettante, fine.

Reason number two why so many girls remain "untested bis" is due to sheer numbers and availability.

My family didn't get it and neither did the gay community.

It's not news that sexual fluidity has been working its way into the mainstream.

We all know the girl who experimented in college and then went back to guys, or the middle-aged woman who left her husband for some turquoise artisan in Taos named Deborah.

Both seem to be examples of the stronger sexual preference winning out in the end.

But more and more, it's becoming acceptable for women to "hop the fence" — that is, to make the occasional gender switch-up in casual sex and in long-term relationships. Although I'd always privately identified as bisexual, I'd only dated boys before I met a girl I had instant chemistry with.

We had an amazing, insanely sexy couple of months, but we wanted different things out of a partner, and things fizzled in the natural way romantic relationships of either persuasion do.

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