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Eastern Europe is not the easiest place in the world to be brought up, and Bleona climbed tooth and nail to conquer Eastern Europe, then all of Europe.

She has now set out to conquer the United States, and if anyone can do it, she can.

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When talking with Bleona, I started off with beauty, of course, asking about her lip color. " At that moment, she reminded me of both Coco Chanel and Trish Mc Evoy, women renowned for understanding the power of color—and how red lipstick is not the color of a shrinking violet.

Her raven locks aways look fab, and she loves the products, so I was excited ask her how her care system was in tune with her beauty since Ch I Haircare has been so kind as to to send her their entire new Miss Universe and Argon Oil collections.

I cannot wait for them to be back in stock for every woman (at the time I sent her the products, they were back stocked worldwide).

Bleona just performed at the annual Jeffrey Sanker White Party in Palm Springs, where J.

Lo and Gaga got thier starts, so naturally, we delved into her music. Andrew: You have been performing since the age of five, conquering the world with your talent.

What has brought on the driving passion to conquer the United States?

Bleona: Music is my passion: fashion and dance pop music and crazy visuals are what I do.

This is how I express myself; this is what I have been doing in my country for many years! A: I love it when you say that in America, you constantly hear less is more, when in fact I think more is more.

I am blessed that I can afford to choose to live anywhere in the world, and I have chosen LA. Many people feel the same way but are afraid to express their opinion.

There is no better place to live than Los Angeles, California, for me! Where did you develop that opinion, and is that the true Bleona?

America is the best country in the world and the land of opportunities, and I love living here. I just don't take it for an answer—and I find a way to make it a yes. ( I think it might be..least i hope so.) B: Ha, baby, indeed it is the real Bleona!

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