Liquidating debt who is mandy moore dating 2016

The law firm of Christian & Small LLP, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, is pleased to announce that three partners have been recognized in B-Metro magazine’s 2016 “Top Women Attorneys” issue.This is the second consecutive year that these three attorneys have received this recognition.(more) Primerus law firms have combined to offer a unique Liquidation of Commercial Debt Service to businesses.

Commercial debt, also known as trade debt, is secured or unsecured debt owed by one business to another as a result of the sale or provision of goods or services by the creditor to the debtor.

Primerus members have a history of successful recovery of delinquent debt on behalf of creditors in almost every industry, from debtors located throughout North America and internationally.

Why the Liquidation of Commercial Debt Group Represents an Opportunity for You Over $20 billion of business-to-business debt is recovered by third-party collectors each year.

Most of this is handled by lay (non-lawyer) collectors.

These collectors initially attempt collection and then refer the matter to law firms when internal efforts prove fruitless.

The members of this group are prime examples of firms that have traditionally been the destination of lay collector referrals.

In other words, they have been liquidating debt for businesses of all sizes for decades.

The difference is that this practice group has created a vehicle to do so directly, through a one-stop service, regardless of where clients and debtors are based.

The Liquidation of Commercial Debt Group represents an opportunity to cut out the middleman.

With this comes the potential for better information access to enhance your management decision-making and real potential to increase your bottom line through improved recovery periods and net recovery.

Why One-Stop Access to Primerus Creditors’ Rights Lawyers Could Boost Your Profits.

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