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Made in chelsea francis boulle speed dating

Made in Chelsea is BACK and this time they're in LA and, shockingly, it's as ridiculous as ever. Then, apparently the only person from Chelsea not at this party, Mark "I don't understand those people who drive. Speaking of, Toff loves graveyards and Mark wants his mausoleum to be in the middle of a lake. She wants Jamie, she'll farm out Jess to every Tom, Dick and Judd she can find to get her out of the way.

Because obviously when you go to LA the first thing you to is go up a canyon. It's LA and so hikes are the done thing, hikes on trails full of other cast members. Unless you're Mark of course and then you end up in Gucci, Dolce and Gabanna and nearly everywhere else used as a location on Clueless. And she can't stop stroking her own hair, well I say her own hair but I can spot a weave from 50 paces in a darkened room, while wearing a blindfold and that was what the industry describes as 'magic hair'. One walks to where one shops and one eats and the rest is just a detail." - Mark who says he does give outfit changes each day because heaven forbid he should wear the same thing to breakfast as to lunch. And it's worked, because now Jamie and Naz are having a massively awkward row on the side of a pool.

Speaking of, the girls arrived and were welcomed by Stephanie Pratt, who promises to show them Made in Chelsea LA - Jess Woodley, Jamie Laing, Alexandra 'Binky' Felstead, Georgina 'Toff' Toffolo, Mark-Francis Vandelli, Stephanie Pratt, James Dunmore, Lucy Watson, Josh 'JP' Patterson, Louise Thompson, Alex Mytton and Alik Alfus She hooked them up with a limo and the girls are thrilled, because apparently booking a car is a difficult task in LA. Never mind on the Kings Road, in LA they're all running into people called Tara and Naz in the middle of a trail somewhere. Information gathered from watching the hike-less hike suggests Jamie and new girl Naz are getting together. Most of the episode was spent at the most London pool party ever. The scene between the American girls meet the Chelsea ladies is amazing. Meanwhile, Josh, Stephanie and Lucy would like everyone to know how cool they are with each other.

But not for long as Jamie is treating the hill as a speed dating exercise. How did everyone get invited to the same pool party?

" said Jamie and that just about sums up the entire episode.

She's me in a girl's version so what's not to like?

We don't think there has been one single series in which womaniser Spencer Matthews hasn't cheated on his girlfriend of the time. He must be compensating elsewhere for them to fall for his atrocious relationship etiquette... However, Louise sure did get the special treatment from Spenny when he did THE WORST possible thing you could ever do in a relationship and cheated on her IN HER OWN (most likely water with perfectly goose-feathered pillows) BED. Lucy got caught in the fire between Andy Jordan and Spencer when Spenny accused Andy of stealing bezzie mate Jamie Laing's girl.

So let's look back at the best moments the overly privileged lot have provided us with in the past series (whilst low key crying at the thought of how much all their inheritances are.) Many…many times.

Spencer tried to somehow justify himself saying "I don't know what's wrong with me" We do Spence. Christmas was looming and Victoria used the seemingly fitting insult when in a feud with Cheska and Lucy Watson at a festive dinner party. (Because going on one date with Lucy meant she was claimed by Jaime forever, obvs) Then everyone else piped up and jumped in the Bentley of bickering, and Lucy delivered the best and most un-Chelsea-like one-liner ever.

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