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Amarnath Ramakrishna, the superintending archaeologist. “Now, close your eyes and visualise a city right here,” he says.

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In a year-long survey conducted in 2013, the state Archaeology department had identified nearly 293 Sangam Age towns along the course of river Vaigai. The places were classified as granaries, trading points, ports, habitation sites and living or dilapidated temples.

“Our field of research included areas that fell within five kilometres from the river on both the banks, starting from the place of Vaigai’s origin in Theni district to the very end of the river in Ramanathapuram district,” says archaeologist Dr. Excavations were carried out at Varushanad in Theni and Azhagankulam in Ramnad.

The excavation at Keezhadi has been carried out at two localities in the farm.

As we enter the lush coconut farm at Keezhadi, a small hamlet in Sivaganga district, the tall trees sway in the breeze. This is the place where an important part of Tamil history is being unearthed now by the Archaeological Survey of India.

A set of four dozen square trenches have been dug out, to reveal what archaeologists call as one of the biggest human habitations of Sangam Age known so far.

Just peep into them and you travel 3000 years back in time!Vadivel, the site supervisor, gives us a tour of the trenches which are neatly scooped out square pits, containing parts of homes like brick walls, wells, storages and mud vaults, pottery of various kinds and purposes and shells, glass, beads, rusted old coins, weapons and small tools made of bones and Iron, embedded in layers of soil.As we walk around the trenches, peering down into them, one of the villagers engaged in contract work to dig the place, stretches her hand out from inside the pit.“This looks like a new find,” she says holding a thin off-white bangle. And it has a design carved on it,” observes Vadivel.This is how discoveries are made at an excavation camp, unplanned and unexpected! Ever since last February, when the ASI started excavating the place, they have found something new everyday. It’s astounding how this place has so much to offer.It must have been a big human settlement area,” says K.

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